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our specializations

We fuse important values with game changing technologies to hand craft
multi-platform interactive experiences. Our specializations include Video Games, Location Based Entertainment & VR.

Video Games

LBE(Location Based Entertainment)



a little bit about thousand stars

We are a Toronto-based culturally-diverse design studio that possesses a breadth of skills for creating immersive video games and interactive experiences with cutting edge technologies.

Our focus is to create multi-cultural, story-driven, and imaginative games, while also providing our irreplaceable talents as service providers for our fellow communities.

The studio was co-founded by Sally Luc and Parth Soni back in August 2017, with a vision to create whimsical, story-driven, family-friendly content to allow friends and family to have a good time and share a memory. To date, we are keeping that vision strong through our services, as well as our own proprietary work!


our originals

Our uniquely light-hearted, fun, and accessible games
will chase away bad vibes, lighten moods, and provide a friendly environment for anyone to join and play!


2025 / Thousand Stars Studio
Platform: PC, PS5, Xbox Series


Dazzle into the hearts of disgruntled villagers with extravagant turn-based battles and rally them against demons in this Bollywood-inspired fantasy RPG!


2019 / Thousand Stars Studio


The flower spirits are destroying gateways in process of returning to their home! Play as Botabot to stack up the flower spirits and help them pass through the right gateway in this 1-2 player action-pack game.

Milkyway VR

2022 / Thousand Stars Studio



Take control of godly cheese coated pinchers in this RTS VR experience and work together with the brave Donut Trooper Task Force to build turrets, and guide the citizens to safety through the Coco Milk Express. Each Donut Trooper comes with a special ability! Mix and match them to transform the turrets into powerful structures to fight the curse of the zombies.


client work

Our passion for content extends to experiences that we have been blessed to build with our amazing industry clientele.

Teller Falls

2023 / Find Your Fun
Platform: Synthesis VR




Teller Falls is a spine chilling psychological horror game that plunges players into the heart of an otherworldly nightmare. Prepare to have your sanity tested as you explore a cave shrouded in darkness with only a flickering flashlight, where every step brings you closer to the abominations lurking within.

  • Production Services
  • Project Management
  • Porting

NERF Ultimate Championship

2021 / Secret Location
Platform: Meta Quest 2



Squad up and blast your way to victory in action-packed 4v4 multiplayer NERF battles! Master the unique mechanics of an ever-expanding stash of real-life NERF blasters and rule the arenas of the future by wall-running, ricocheting, and slam-firing a storm of darts down on your opponents.

  • Networked Animation System
  • Technical Art

Flying Neko Delivery

2021 / Fractal Phase
Platform: Steam & Nintendo Switch


Take on the role of Onigiri, a feline witch who lives in a cottage in the forest and delivers packages flying on a broomstick. During deliveries, explore new worlds, forage plants and fungi, and meet quirky villagers along the way.

  • Concept Art
  • 3D Modeling

Paranormal Pest Patrol

2020 / Secret Location
Platform: SynthesisVR




Hilarious family-friendly puzzle game where you and your team play as a motley crew of Paranormal Exterminators.

  • Gameplay Development
  • Technical Art
  • Animation Programming


2020 / Stitch Media
Platform: Steam


3D puzzle platformer about wanton destruction & adorable gore across a galaxy of community-designed murder gardens. Conquer dangerous alien worlds as a feisty granny with a chip on her shoulder and an army of cute but expendable walking mushrooms.

  • Post early-access Design, Art, and Development

Skategirl Destroys The Universe

2020 / Mermaid Heavy Industries
Platform: Oculus Quest & Other VR Platforms



Play this game on TV screens floating in a surreal 3D VR space. On the screens the player controls Skategirl, who just destroyed the universe.

  • Art
  • Concept Art


2020 / TRULUV
Platform: iOS


Go on a journey with the moon to explore our energies of celebration, curiosity, love, intention and care. You’ll find soothing rituals where you can magically transform the color of your bedroom walls, seek guidance from your tarot cards and snuggle with your cat.

  • AR & MR Research & Development
  • Technical Art

They Should Be Flowers

2019 / Smallaxx Motion Pictures
Platform: Hotdocs VR



VR experience based on the story of a 6-year-old African-Canadian child hand-cuffed by the Peel police.

  • VR Content Direction
  • Development
  • Art

Scarygirl Mission Maybee

2018 / Dark Slope Studios
Platform: Zero Latency




Navigate through luminescent woods and underground caverns to reach a neon city ferociously guarded by Dr Maybee’s robot tower.

  • Game Development
  • Art & Technical Art
  • Boss Design


trusted by our clients

Andi McClure
Mermaid Heavy Industries

I was happy to work with Thousand Stars and impressed with their work. 1ks have a real grasp of the entire range of skills and technologies needed in game art, and were able to handle every kind of asset my project needed (2D images, 3D assets, and visual layout). I would absolutely work with Thousand Stars again.

Evan Jones
Stitch Media
Creative Director

There’s an expression in game development “The last 10% takes 90% of the effort”. At our studio Games by Stitch, we spent three years designing Terrorarium when we hit that final 10% wall. Thousand Stars jumped in to save the day in every way – polish, bug fixing, character rigging/animation, controls, etc. We were so impressed we asked them to jump into two additional projects – porting to console and our next game in VR. Their versatile skill set really allows them to dive in and help wherever it’s needed!

Kathryn Rawson
Secret Location
VP Of Content

Highly professional, solution and detail oriented craftspeople. They enthusiastically tackle challenges and continually elevate projects. They are a delight to work with.

Nathan Jurevicius
Vishus Productions Canada

Thousand Stars Studio is a joy to work with. Owners Parth and Sally have cultivated a wonderful environment that inspires creative solutions in an inclusive work space. They’ve consistently been my go-to studio for numerous VR/AR projects. 5 (thousand) Stars!

Kenny and Kristi Backus
Fractal Phase

Thousand Stars Studio took our vision, mood board, and character designs to heart; Bringing our characters to life. They were very professional and easy to work with.

Henry Faber
Gamma Space

Thousand Stars Studio approaches professional relationships and interactive project development with tremendous empathy. This allows them to flesh out ideas and deliver heart-felt design, purposeful technology, and joyous visuals that delight, and amaze. They’ve enriched our entire community with their contributions and set an enviable standard as a studio.


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